Lexi Karamel

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ScrapMir designteam call

August 6, 2019

I waited for the longest time and now it’s happening- Scrapmir is having a designteam call! I’m all excitement and happyness!

Dear ScrapMir team, thank you for the opportunity!

So let’s see – I’m Lexi from Berlin, Germany and I love love love love paper. Since I were little., paper is my most go to thing. The smell! The feel! The look!

I like altering 3d objects, building boxes, mixed media, card making and of course scrapbooking!! I like shabby, vintage, grunge, clean, modern and colorful – but- no, it must be big, this BUT – it must contain at least some paper. And some die cut or fussycut elements.

Paper makes me happy. Simple as it is, purely happy!

Since I couldn’t decided which of my projects to showcase I invite you to please have a look and find me on




Only recently I started my own YouTube Channel

Here on my blog

Plus I opened an Etsy shop not long ago

What else might be interesting? I design for two German scrapbooking shops, Papiria and Scrapbookheaven, like teamworking, a good challenge, and love to share, connect and teach through social media or whatever medium is suitable!